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The 1000 Year Royals were an undead gang of the city where DEADBOLT takes place. They were composed of vampires, and were later found out to be working with not only the Zombie Kingz, but also the Dredged. They are led by the royal family Stela: Madame Stela at the head with the late Sir Stela as a co-leader. of the sort. Two more notable high-ranking members were Amber & Evelyn, twins who ran a brothel and knew of the harvests. Their operations included the running of clubs, bars, brothels, and the harvesting of said locations and their patrons.

They are encountered as the second gang arc of the game, which focuses on the Reaper finding out more of the ash's origin.

Their appearance and family hierarchy, such as the titles Sir and Madam, are influenced by the Italian Mob; their music being EDM.

They dominate the second mission arc but are also seen cooperating with the Zombies in the mission Supply and Demand.

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