Come on! The fun just started!
~ Amber
Shame... another slow night...
~ Evelynn

Amber and Evelynn are enemy characters in DEADBOLT, acting as a mini-bosses in the middle of the 1000 Year Royals story arc, having their mission named after them.


Amber is the twin sister of Evelynn, both of whom are nymphomaniacs and each other's phylactery. She owns a set of brothels with her sister.



She is easily distinguished by her black pants and shirt, with a red heart on it. Her hair is also in a messy bun, and she wields a large sword, possibly a katana.

She is located on the top floor of the brothel to the left, standing over an Incubus she presumably has sexual intercourse with, stating her displeasure that it ended.



Evelynn is the twin sister of Amber, both of whom are nymphomaniacs and each other's phylactery. She owns a set of brothels with her sister.

She is easily distinguishable by her black pants, red tank top, and slightly exposed bra. Her hair is in a sort of braid, and she dual wields 10mm pistols.

She is located on the top floor of the brothel to the right, standing with a succubus that's guarded by two Cerberus', stating how it's "another slow night."

Apartment Briefing


The flames roar to life.


“Twins lost at sea –
of lust and of pain.
Women without love,
cannot live with me.”


Amber and Evelynn run brothels downtown. They are high ranking members of the 1000 Year Royals – they must understand the crytpic messages I’ve been finding in the club safes.


The twins have somehow made each other their phylactery. I will have to kill both at nearly the same time.


The vampires are the most attractive and sexually active undead, so it comes naturally

Case file text

Twin vampires are running a brothel. Shut it down.


The mission begins with a cutscene with either sister making some sort of remark about the nature of their usual nights in their establishments. The stage itself is just what the fireplace said, two brothels next to each other with the sisters on the top floor, but with a number of vampires and even zombies inside. After reaching either one, it will be apparent to head the flames' warning, killing one sister causes the other living sister to begin to resurrect her through the standard phylactery life line. Only when both are killed can the two finally be killed for good, but better be quick because it's only a matter of time when one dies that the other will resurrect her.

New Addition

  • Amber and Evelynn are introduced, twin sister that can revive each other.
    • Though not as extreme as the briefing says it to be, the sister can revive each other at the same pace as a normal phylactery.


  • Both say different things when their introductions play, and both say different things when their death cutscene plays.
    • The sisters and Ibzan are the only enemies with death cutscenes.
  • It's possible that the sisters, or just Evelynn, are bisexual since she's seen with a succubus in her room, but this could be disregarded as something else.
  • If you kill Amber with a melee weapon and then Evelynn with a ranged weapon, you will get the achievement Quid Pro Quo.
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