Deadbolt Wiki

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life.


Candles have spotted vampires coming and going from the industrial district – the same address I found in the safe. I’ll find out what they’re doing.

Suddenly, the flames speak: “The goals of undead are always the same.”


Some vampires will have phylacteries in difficult places, and will have to be killed multiple times.


“I... thought you could use companionship,” spoke the fireplace. “Life is not meant to be spent alone.”

Case file text[]

What are the vampires doing near the docks?


The begins with a cutscene of a Bartender yelling at the other vampires to protect the ash. The stage appears to be an ash warehouse for the vampires, having not only small caches but large one too. The objective is to burn all the ash caches, but some is locked a an unreachable room that the player must gain the access to by unlocking vent blockages then using the vents to gain access. Multiple Bartenders are within the warehouse, and their phylacteries locked away with the ash too, making it os the player must kill them multiple times to get by. Once the ash is burnt, the mission ends and the player is free to retreat back to their car.


  • The Bartender speaks only in caps, whether this is true for all Bartenders or just the one as he was yelling is unknown.
  • Using the 10mm, a piercing weapon, the player can destroy the phylacteries of the Bartenders early on.