Deadbolt Wiki

There are a total of 27 missions in Deadbolt, or 28 including the skippable tutorial (Dead Simple).

They are grouped across 3 pages and divided by enemy type:

  1. Zombies (Zombie Kingz)
  2. Vampires (1000 Year Royals)
  3. Skeletons (The Dredged) & Demons.

Each mission has its own par time. If you beat this time and have a combined shooting score (accuracy% + headshot%) of at least 90, you will receive a 5 stars for that mission. If you don't beat the par time, your combined shooting score will need to be exponentially higher, depending on your time. Note that the maximum shooting score is 150 (eg. 100% accuracy plus 50% headshots).

Ch Lvl Name Time (mm:ss) Filename Description Weapon Extra Levels
0 0 Dead Simple (tutorial) 01:39 lv0_1 Kill all undead. None
1 1 Noisy Neighbours 00:23 lv1_1 Kill all undead.
1 2 New High 00:35 lv1_2 The zombies are selling some strange drug. Find out what it is.
1 3 Smoke Signals 00:53 lv1_3 Let's get the attention of their leader. Burn all their drugs.
1 4 Puff 00:48 lv1_4 A low level dealer, Puff, might know about their supplier. Kill him.
1 5 Follow The Hounds 00:48 lv1_5 The first address leads to a Hellhound pound. End it.
1 6 The Bogeyman 00:50 lv1_6 The second address leads to a house with a missing Candle. Silenced 9mm
1 7 No Vacancy 01:33 lv1_7 Find the location of Roland's warehouse.
1 8 Supply and Demand 01:06 lv1_8 Destroy the warehouse where the Zombie Kingz store their drugs.
1 9 Roland 00:42 lv1_9 Kill Roland, the leader of the Zombie Kingz.
2 1 Night Out 00:58 lv2_1 The vampires are running a club - find out why.
2 2 Lux in Tenebris 01:12 lv2_2 The vampires' numbers are worrying - thin it out.
2 3 The Bloody Mary 00:47 lv2_3 Another club, another safe - maybe this one will have useful information.
2 4 Bottle Service 01:23 lv2_4 What are the vampires doing near the docks?
2 5 Amber & Evelynn 01:20 lv2_5 Twin vampires are running a brothel. Shut it down.
2 6 A Lot To Give 01:22 lv2_6 This club is strangely quiet - what happened?
2 7 Sir Stela 01:11 lv2_7 The vampire leader must know about what happened.
2 8 Forced Conversion 00:56 lv2_8 The vampires are being turned to ash - stop the next harvest.
2 9 Madam Stela 00:52 lv2_9 She knows about the conversion. Kill her and stop the ash.
3 1 Overnight Shipping 01:50 lv3_1 The skeletons have been congregating near the docks. Find out why.
3 2 Structurally Sound 00:54 lv3_2 They've been attempting to build a new base. Destroy its inhabitants.
3 3 Bar Hopping 00:48 lv3_3_1 Two bars, back to back. Eliminate both. lv3_3_2 / lv3_3
3 4 Horror Show 01:19 lv3_4 The Candles have found the shipping location..
3 5 Timur The Tinkerer 01:11 lv3_5 Timur is a high ranking Dredged. I'll find out what he knows.
3 6 Drive Thru 01:04 lv3_6 I have to find out where Ibzan, The Dredged leader, lives.
3 7 As A Glass 01:41 lv3_7 Ibzan's home is heavily guarded, but must contain important information. AGL
3 8 Vall 01:57 lv3_8 I need snipers on the roof - but must get rid of the Vall first. lv3_8_1 / lv3_8_2 / lv3_8_3
3 9 Ibzan 03:37 lv3_9 I have to stop Ibzan and The Dredged from leaving this Place. lv4_2 / lv4_2_load