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Welcome to Deadbolt Wiki
the Deadbolt guide for Deadbolt, Weapons, Enemies and more written and maintained by the players.

Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones.

About Deadbolt

Deadbolt, made by the same developers of Risk of Rain, is an extremely challenging stealth-action hybrid that allows you to take control of the reaper to quell the recent undead uprising. Play and complete Missions given to you by the mysterious Fireplace as you become the avatar of death. While the reaper has an impressive arsenal and skillset to kill the undead, he has one flaw - he dies in one shot... leaving you with no room for error.

Key Features

  • Complete over 25 extremely challenging missions
  • Unlock and obtain over 30 Weapons, ranging from a Reaper's Scythe to an automatic Grenade Launcher
  • Fight over 35 Enemy types, ranging from Zombies to Vampires to Bosses and more
  • Choose your playstyle: quiet assassin, loud one-man army, or anything in between
  • Gib them all! Deadbolt's dynamic gore system guarantees that all evisceration leads to satisfaction
  • Choose your own way to complete a Mission - no mission has to be completed in one way
  • Accomplish a variety of Objectives, like assassinating Gang Leaders and investigating mysteries
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