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I'm sorry...friend...

Ibzan is the leader of The Dredged and final boss in Deadbolt. He wields the Revenant revolver

Ibzan, as shown in his lore, was a previous reaper before the protagonist. His first appearance is in the the 1000 Year Royals mission, Sir Stela. Ibzan is shown to be a regretful antagonist, his motive being to apologize to the Flames for what he's done, which isn't completely clear, but it was enough for the Flames to kick him to the curb.

Ibzan is seen to be a merciless, but regretful and sorrowful person. Feeling horrible due to the things he's done to cause the Flames to have such a harsh reaction, but merciless due to his annihilation of thousands of monsters, to turn to ash.

He also doesn't have abs :(


In Sir Stella, just before killing him:

"You have done a good job, friend. Feel pride in what you help craft.

In Ibzan:

"Let me see you, friend. I just want to talk."

After killing him twice:

"Poor aim - and a poor reaper.

After killing him four times:

"I'm not here for YOU, reaper

After killing him the final time:

"I'm sorry...friend..."



I stumble through the door, slamming it against the wall. Cold. I fall to my knees and the floor splinters where I land. Cold. Where is he? I feel for the lightswitch on the wall, hands groping. Where was it again? My fingers find their mark and I flick it on. The fluorescent lights spark to life, buzzing.

My heart drops through the fucking floor and I lose it, forever. Where's the- Where's the fireplace? It was here...wasn't it? It's just a wall. It was here. He was HERE. I start clawing, my razor sharp bones raking the plaster apart. It was here. I'm so cold. I need my friend. My fingers find a weakness and I bust through. Ah, there you are!

With frenzy, I rip the plaster down. Dust floats through the air and swirls around my arms. Nothing. There's nothing there but an empty void. No. No. NonononononoNO. Where are you, you son of a bitch?