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Useless guards!
~ Madam Stela

Madam Stela is an enemy in DEADBOLT. As the main boss of the 1000 Year Royals gang arc, the final mission is named after her.


Madam Stela

Madam Stela is the leader of the 1000 Year Royals, and is (or was) married to Sir Stela. He was her (possibly) third husband.

She is easily distinguished by her brown fur coat, black sleeveless shirt with green frills, and grey pencil shirt. She wields a combat shotgun.[1]

She waits at the top floor of her home, combat shotgun loaded.

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life.


“No forest – a lone tree.
Kills her own for escape.
A woman without guilt,
cannot live with me.”


The Candles have reported Madam Stela has multiple phylacteries – I will have to destroy them all before taking Madam Stela down.

Case file notes[]

She knows about the conversion. Kill her and stop the ash.


The mission begins in front of either a club she's at or her home. It's separated into two underground branches, with a main hallway connecting the two underground portions, along with two outer rooms and the room above where she is. Each room, besides the main hallway, has one phylactery each, all needing to be destroyed in order to properly kill her. There are 3 Bartenders and 2 Nightcrawlers spread around the building, caution is advised. Once you clear out each room of their respective phylacteries, all that is needed to do is kill Madam Stela and then the mission is completed, allowing the player to retreat back to their car.

New Additions[]

  • Madame Stela, the 1000 Year Royals leader, is introduced.
  • Madam Stela's main gimmick is her multiple phylacteries, each more durable than the standard Bartender's.
    • There's a chance for her to say a line every time the Reaper destroys one of her phylactery, either yelling at the Reaper or her "useless guards."


  • Once the mission is completed, you will get the achievement "1000 Year Royals: Cleared"
  • She has a low chance of dropping her cassette.
    • She drops it any time you kill her, counting revives.
  • Much like bartenders, she does not have a walking animation but merely "floats" or "hops" around.
  • As mentioned in her cassette, she probably is a Black Widow.


  1. She never needs to reload her shotgun, so be wary of this fact.