Deadbolt Wiki

Play through 28 different missions that are given to you throughout your adventure in DEADBOLT. Each mission follows a basic premise, fight off enemies to complete your objectives.


Tutorial Mission
Mission Name Case Number Description
Dead Simple #0 "Another night."

Zombie Kingz[]

List of Zombie Kingz Missions
Mission Name Case Number Case File Description
Noisy Neighbours #1 "Kill all undead."
New High #2 "The Zombies are selling some strange drug. Find out what it is."
Smoke Signals #3 "Let's get the attention of their leader. Burn all their drugs."
Puff #4 "A low level dealer, Puff might know about their supplier. Kill him."
Follow The Hounds #5 "The first address leads to a hellhound pound. End it."
The Bogeyman #6 "The second address leads to a house with a missing Candle."
No Vacancy #7 "Find the location of Roland's Warehouse."
Supply And Demand #8 "Destroy the warehouse where the Zombie Kingz store their drugs."
Roland #9 "Kill Roland, the leader of the Zombie Kingz."

1000 Year Royals[]

List of 1000 Year Royals Missions
Mission Name Case Number Case File Description
Night Out #1 "The Vampires are running a club, find out why."
Lux in Tenebris #2 "The vampires' numbers are worrying - thin it out."
The Bloody Mary #3 "Another club, another safe - maybe this one will have useful information."
Bottle Service #4 "What are the vampires doing near the docks?"
Amber & Evelynn #5 "Twin vampires are running a brothel. Shut it down."
A Lot To Give #6 "This club is strangely quiet - what happened?"
Sir Stela #7 "The vampire leader must know about what happened."
Forced Conversion #8 "The vampires are being turned to ash - stop the next harvest."
Madam Stela #9 "She knows about the conversion. Kill her and stop the ash."

The Dredged[]

List of Dredged Missions
Mission Name Case Number Case File Description
Overnight Shipping #1 "The skeletons have been congregating near the docks. Find out why."
Structurally Sound #2 "They've been attempting to build a new base. Destroy its inhabitants."
Bar Hopping #3 "Two bars, back to back. Eliminate both."
Horror Show #4 "The Candles have found the shipping location."
Timur The Tinkerer #5 "Timur is a high ranking Dredged. I'll find out what he knows."
Drive Thru #6 "I have to find out where Ibzan, The Dredged leader, lives."
As A Glass #7 "Ibzan's home is heavily guarded, but must contain important information."
Vall #8 "I need snipers on the roof - but must get rid of the Vall first."
Ibzan #9 "I have to stop Ibzan and The Dredged from leaving this Place."