Deadbolt Wiki

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life.


"The undead begin to crop
strange powders from below.
Incite the flame -
eject their brains!
And see what it contains."


There's a bouncer on the far side of the house. I can kill him to get his weapon.


A new drug called "ash." His candles say that it makes you feel like you're alive again. The flames - my employer - want to know more.


Large zombies with shotguns. Takes a few shots to the head to bring them down.


The mission begins in front of some trailer homes, giving the Reaper the option of either going through the trailer home or going through the vents and into the building with the Bouncer. Once the drugs are found, the objective switches to killing the remaining undead, if it hasn't been done already. Once finished, and the player retreats back to their car, the mission ends.

New Additions[]

  • An enemy type, the Bouncer, is added, a hearty shotgun-wielding zombie
  • The Find Drugs objective is used (for the first and only time)
  • The use of cutscene - the first of many- make their first appearance, the bouncer stating:
    • "...sparkles..."
    • "Can't touch... Roland said no..."
    • "...just look..."


  • If you kill the bouncer (or any this is just the first one you encounter) using only melee weapons, you gain the achievement Pugilist.