Deadbolt Wiki

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life.


The Zombie Kingz have become scared of my hunt. They have begun heavily guarding a nearby motel - I will find what they are hiding.


The Candles tell me that Zombie Kingz patrols are nearby. I'll have to be quick, in case there are reinforcements.

Case File Text[]

Find the location of Roland's Warehouse.


The mission begins with the player in front of the fortified motel, with a cutscene showing some zombies inside talking about the Reaper. Once over, the player goes inside to kill the bouncer on the ground floor, then can use the stairs or vents to pick off the rest. Once they're all dead, and the safe is found and picked, the player will be greeted by more undead showing up in cars acting as backup - the reinforcement the flames mentioned before. Once they're killed off, the player can safely retreat.

New Additions[]

  • A new enemy, the Shambler, is added; a beheaded SMG wielding zombie whose head can be placed anywhere acting as a sentry
  • The objective Kill Backups is used