Deadbolt Wiki

In DEADBOLT, you'll need to complete the required objective(s) for each mission in order to finish. Below are the objectives within the game.

List of DEADBOLT Objectives
Objective Name Description
Kill All Kill all enemies in the mission.
Find Drugs Locate the highlighted ash and interact with it.
Burn Drugs Destroy all the ash caches.
Assassinate Targets Kill the highlighted targets.
Find Info Locate a safe or desk and interact with it.
Find Keycards[1] Collect the keycards from enemies.
Kill Backups Kill the highlighted enemies that appear.
Destroy Totems Destroy the highlighted ash totems.
Find Sniper Rifle Locate and interact with the sniper rifle.


  1. In game, the player must kill off targets that're marked for having keycards on them. This objective functions like assassinate targets but with a collection addition to it.