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Roland... I think he's here!
~ Puff

Puff, also known as Lil Puff in the demo version of DEADBOLT, is an enemy and a mini-boss of the Zombie Kingz mission arc. He also has a mission named after him.


Puff is a low level dealer, positioned directly below Roland in terms of Zombie Kingz leadership, while also acting as a designated accountant of the gang. He's dressed in a black sweater with a black beanie, sitting behind his desk on the topmost floor of his house. Protected by two bouncers and several more zombies patrolling his house, he will only confront the Reaper once he saw him.

According to the demo version, Puff is a banging, "foolish" zombie as he was in his last life[1]. In order to find out more about his "supplier", the Reaper needs to eliminate him and seek information. Roland's cassette tape described that he "gets spooked by everything".

He's wielding a 10mm pistol, which he will drop if dying. He also kept a Tommy gun in his basement, stolen from the Trideads. His drawer is filled with paper and finances, one of them bearing an information of what seemed to be the addresses of "important people". The first address leads to a hellhound pound, while the second leads to an unknown zombie residence.

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life - and you see visions of a man, Puff.


"No moment to flee -
he should not be here.
A man with a heart,
cannot live with me."


The Candles tell me that Puff keeps an old machine gun in his basement - something he stole from the Trideads. I am sure it still works.


Shadows cast along the wall, and the flames show me silhouettes of Puff's death.

This is the first time my employer has given me a specific target - and I succumb to the thrill.

Case File Text[]

A low level dealer, Puff, might know about their supplier. Kill him.


Opening with a cutscene of Puff desperately trying to alert Roland of the Reaper's presence. The Reaper is in front of presumably Puff's home, with Puff on the third floor. The Reaper can shoot their way to through the main floor and into the basement where a Tommy gun would be waiting for them to mow down Puff with. If the player decides to go against this, however, the player can wait and use well-timed vent usage and quickly dispatch of Puff. Afterwards, after his desk is searched, the player retreats back and the mission ends.

New Additions:[]

  • The objective Find Information is used.
    • Puff's desk is intractable, allowing the player to search his desk for anything useful.
  • The first boss, however it would be more accurately to call him a mini-boss


  • If you kill Puff without using the Tommy gun, you get an achievement, Nah, I'm Good.


  1. "Lil Puff stumbled his way into a position of power. He is as foolish as he was in his last" said the flames.