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Reaper Sprite

The Reaper is the main protagonist of the game, you control them throughout the game. The Reaper has been contracted by The Flames to kill the undead.


The Reaper is able to use any weapon from a Revolver to an Automatic Grenade Launcher. Alongside their arsenal of weapons, the Reaper is equipped with a lighter allowing them to enter ventilation shafts and pipes which can be used to traverse levels to properly plan out difficult missions, hide from enemies or to simply speedrun a mission.


  • The Reaper may be one of four around the world.
  • The Reaper is not undead, this is revealed when The Flames gives them a mirror saying, "Look upon your reflection and remember, you are not undead."
  • The Reaper can only survive one shot from anything. except for the first shots of the Heavy Machine Gun from the Big Demon
  • If poorly timed, when entering a vent or pipe, you can be killed.
  • While technically this Reaper dies in one shot (and perishes too close to an explosion, even if it was fired from his own gun,) on uncommon occasions, the Reaper will actually take a bullet and live, usually if the player has just gotten them to cover and an enemy is using some form of automatic weapon. This doesn't affect gameplay, other than the spurt of black blood that paints the wall behind the Reaper on the occasions where they survive.
  • As revealed by the last cassette tape, the Reaper doesn't have eyes nor eyelids, does not need to eat, sleep and drink and spends his time on his bed watching the mold grow on the ceiling until the fireplace calls him once again.