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We've got guns in every corner, reaper. Go home.
~ Roland

Roland is an enemy character in DEADBOLT and the main boss of the Zombie Kingz mission arc, having the final mission named after him.



Roland is the proclaimed leader of Zombie Kingz. He lives in a huge mansion, its whereabouts unknown until the address was found in the last apartment of Puff's listed important location. Protected by a number of zombies, he awaits eagerly in his big living room for the Reaper.

He is easily distinguished by his gangsterish look with a tilted hat and a chain necklace. He is armed with a sub-machine gun, and by far he is the toughest zombie to kill.

His cassette tape reveals that he cooperates with both 1000 Year Royals members and The Dredged. He was told to contribute by "keep feeding his boys to the Reaper" and moving a huge amount of ash around, which unbeknownst to him that the ash was made of people. He's also having a hard time managing to fend his gang by his own, while also convincing his members not to smoke the ash.

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to live - and I see blood inside.


"Attempting to lead,
his creed to salvation.
A man with ambition,
cannot live with me."


Roland's house is filled with many guards - but the only target is Roland. I'll separate him from his men.


His death will shatter the Zombie Kingz leadership - I must remember the mission is to kill Roland, not the others.

Case file notes[]

Kill Roland, the leader of the Zombie Kingz.


The mission begins with the player on top of Roland's mansion, with Roland taunting the Reaper, telling them to go home. Once over the player can take vents that lead them inside, dropping them off in various places. Despite its size and amount of enemies, since the mission objective is to kill Roland, most of the building can be skipped using vents and timing to quickly dispatch of Roland.

New Additions[]

  • The Zombie Kingz boss, Roland, is introduced


  • In his cassette, it's revealed that he had a romantic relationship with Amber, one of the vampire twins.
  • His introduction cutscene has two variations:
    • "Go home to boss, reaper."
    • "We've got guns in every corner, reaper. Go home."
  • Once you back to your car and finish the level, you gain the achievement Zombie Kingz: Cleared