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Sir Stela

Sir Stela is the leader of the 1000 Year Royals, and is (or currently was) married to Madam Stela. He was her (possibly) third husband.

He is seen wearing a black fur coat and a black/dark grey suit.

His remains... uh remain... at the top of his condominum.

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life.


The undead have somehow been turning their own bodies into ash... is that the purpose of all these clubs? Sir Stela, the head of the 1000 Year Royals, most likely knows how this was done.

“He will know the key,
betrayal of kin.
A man without guilt,
cannot live with me.


Sir Stela’s private condominum is heavily guarded, so expect heavy opposition.

*Sir Stela*[]

The Stela’s are a royal family of vampires. Any activity in the 1000 Year Royals would not go without them knowing.

Case file notes[]

The vampire leader must know about what happened.


The mission begins with the player in front of Sir Stela's condo, but something is wrong. All the previous vampire guards are all dead, the only one left alive is Sir Stela. A cutscene plays with a mysterious and tall skeleton who is talking to him, telling him to take pride in what he's help do. The cutscene ends and the player is able to resume gameplay. The condo is filled with the dead bodies of vampires but also with skeletons, who presumably serve under this mysterious skeleton. They can hide into the ground so walking around the condo will alert them. Once they're all disposed of, the player can go to where the conversation was held and dispose of the few remaining skeletons there, as well as finding the body of the late Sir Stela, head blown clean off. After finding the contents of the safe, more skeletons reveal their hiding spot, making retreat not as easy but once the player reaches their car they can safely retreat.

New Additions[]

  • A new undead/enemy type, the skeleton, make their appearance.