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The Dredged, commonly referred to as Skeletons, are a type of enemies in Deadbolt. They're the third form of undead that the Reaper is tasked to eliminate. They're dressed in mostly-black military attire, except for Generals. They dominate the third mission arc, but also are found in several last missions of 1000 Year Royals.

Skeletons are said to be formed from deaths by suicide. Lead by Ibzan, they resemble highly skilled guards, and patrol various locations in the Place. Some skeletons were demolition technicians, including Timur the Tinkerer. They are also the initiator of the Harvest, turning undead into ash and performing several totem rituals.


There are 4 types of Skeletons:

In-Game Grunt


In-Game Grunt Portrait

Skeletons armed with a rifle. Attacks at long range, considerably longer than other enemies. They wear a dark cyan turtle-neck sweater, a navy blue coat and gray pants with black military boots

In most missions they can start hidden beneath the floor. They emerge when they're alerted or if the Reaper walks nearby.

In-Game Sergeant


In-Game Sergeant Portrait

Tall skeletons wielding a sledge hammer, which they drop upon death. Attacks by running forward before swinging the hammer in a spin.

They wear a navy blue ushanka, the same type of coat worn by the Grunts but instead opened, exposing their rib cage and black pants with black military boots

Like Grunts, they can hide beneath the floor. They're the toughest of all skeletons.


In-Game Technician

In-Game Technician Portrait

Skeletons armed with a grenade launcher, which they drop upon death.

Technicians hold an infinite amount of landmines, which they start planting when alerted or spooked. They only launch grenades if they see the Reaper.

They wear a black turtle neck sweater with a navy blue armless trench coat, black pants and navy blue long military boots.

In-Game General/Lich


In-Game General/Lich Portrait

Tall, floating wizard skeletons. Attacks within long and short range.

Generals/Liches cast magic which transforms undead (and the Reaper) into Ash. They can also revive allied undead (not just skeletons). While physically imposing, Generals are only about as tough as Grunt skeletons.

They wear a cyan tunic beneath a yellow long trench coat.


  • Since switching the lights off spooks enemies, it will also reveal hidden skeletons.
  • Take caution not to alert Technicians. They will plant mines near critical spots such as vents, doors, and entryways, and landmines are very hard to dispose of when placed near closed or swing doors.
  • Generals cannot revive disemboweled bodies. Limbs will be detached and another distinct death sound will be heard if a body has been completely disemboweled. Headshots do not count.


The fourth button from the right is the one that kills Timur.

Timur's Room.png


It's very possible that the Sergeants have a a little inspiration to the Giant Skeleton from Clash Royale, since they wear the same color and type of Ushanka that wears the troop from that game

They may also be inspired by the Skeleton Pirate from Tyco's Rattle Me Bones Action and Reflex Game, due to an uncannily similar appearance.

It's a good chance that the grunts are inspired by the Wehrmacht during the 1940s due to their weapon: "Old World Rifle". It's appearance is identical to the Stg 44 used by the Wehrmacht during that era.

World War 2 is a big inspiration for these skeletons and they use a grease gun.