Deadbolt Wiki

Apartment Briefing[]


The flames roar to life.


“The vampires reform –
a lounge not too far.
Discover their aim,
and bring them a storm.”


Some vampires have their souls outside of their body, stored in phylacteries. They must be destroyed to kill the vampire.


Magical charms – the vampires prefer bottles. They will glow noticeably blue.

Case file text[]

Another club, another safe - maybe this one will have useful information.


The mission begins with a cutscene of a a succubus speaking with a incubus about heading home. The stage appears to be either a bar or lounge, named The Bloody Mary. With three floors, and various bartenders with corresponding phylacteries, the player is in for running around the building if it's their first time playing. Once the keycards are collected for the bartenders, the safe can be accessed. Once the safe is searched, the mission is completed and the player can retreat back to the car, ending the mission.


You open the safe - and again, there isn't much inside.


There are three envelopes.


The Envelope is full of money.


The envelope contains a date a month from now, and the address of The Bloody Mary.


The envelope contains an address near the docks. This may be important.

New Additions[]

  • A new enemy, the Bartender, is introduced; a tall and well dressed vampire wielding a devastating combat shotgun, dropping on death.
    • Additionally, the phylactery mechanic is introduced


  • If you kill the bartenders without allowing any revive, you gain the achievement Let The Dead Rest