Apartment Briefing


The flames roar to life - and I see visions inside.


"My Candle has searched,
but never returned."

The second address is familiar to the fireplace - I'll find what happened to the Candle.


The zombies have hung up security cameras. They don't do much, but will scream if it sees me for too long. I'll avoid them, or shoot them down.


Candles are the eyes and ears of the flames, always observing and bringing information.

Case file text

The second address leads to a house with a missing Candle.


The mission begins in front of another house run by the Kingz, this time most of the lights are out. The main objective is to locate the missing Candle, and once you're done to get out. Again, the vents can take you around the building, but most are unnecessary in order to complete the objective.

New Additions

  • A new "enemy," the zombie camera, is added; a hung zombie head that alerts those nearby if you're seen.
  • The mission starts you off with a silenced 9mm pistol, and the primary objective is stealth instead of action.


  • If you complete the mission without being noticed (aka red exclamation mark over an enemies head), then you earn the achievement Baba Yaga.
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