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Vampires were once human but died as the result of a betrayal at the hands of a lover (or loved one), resulting in their new undead form. They are easily distinguishable by their height, pale skin, and classy appearance. The vampires form the 1000 Year Royals, an undead gang of The Place and serve as the primary enemies of the second gang arc.


Basic and quick information of the types of vampires[1]:

Vampire Enemies
Picture Names Health Speed[2] Weapon Behavior Notes
Incubus.png Incubus 150 1.3 10mm pistol Once alerted, will take cover then investigate.

If player is seen, they will shoot at them.

Can walk on ceilings, can jump down but not back up.
Succubus.png Succubus 150 Walk 1.2

Run 3

Duel knives Once alerted, will rush to investigate.

If player is seen, they will rush and lunge at them.

Bartender.png Bartender 200 1.3 Combat shotgun Once alerted, they will investigate.

If player is seen, they will shoot at them.

Can be revived via phylactery. Drops combat shotgun

on death. More bat-like.

Nightcrawler.png Nightcrawler 340 1 Suppressed PDW Once alerted, will investigate.

If player is seen, they will shoot at them.

Can see in the dark, drops suppressed PDW on death.

Most bat-like.

Amber.png Amber 230 Walk 1.2

Run 4

Katana Once alerted, will rush to investigate.

If player is seen, she will rush and lunge.

Phylactery for her twin, Evelynn. Fastest speed in game.
Evelynn.png Evelynn 220 1.5 Dual 10mm pistols Once alerted, will take cover indefinitely.

If player is seen, she will wait til is in range to shoot.

Phylactery for her twin, Amber.
Sir Stela.png Sir Stela n/a n/a n/a Dies Literally exists to die.
Madame Stela.png Madam Stela 250 2 Combat shotgun Once alerted, she will investigate.

If player is seen, she will shoot at them indefinitely.

Leader of the 1000 Year Royals, has infinite ammo.

Can be revived via multiple phylacteries. Drops her

shotgun on death.

Phalictries (lol idk how to spell).png Phylactery B 5

MS 25

n/a n/a Revives related vampire. Stationary, continuously revives vampire if unbroken.


Male vampires in tux armed with a 10mm pistol. Attacks within medium range.

They can be seen wandering around or hanging upside down on ceilings.


Female vampires in red dress wielding dual knives. Attacks by running and charging towards the Reaper. Unlike the Zombie Kingz' Bullies, their attacks can miss especially if the Reaper is moving towards their direction.

Like their male counterpart, they can also hang on ceilings, however they must jump down to attack.


Vampires armed with a combat shotgun. Attacks within medium range.

In most missions, bartenders store their soul separately on phylacteries, a bottle-shaped container that will preserve their sentience and revive them every single time they died. In order to fully kill a bartender, the phylactery must be destroyed. The revival takes a considerable amount of time, and revivals will happen indefinitely as long as the phylactery remains intact.

Bartenders drop their shotgun when fully dying, which means if there are any phylacteries of them present it needs to be destroyed first.


Giant bat-like vampires armed with a suppressed rifle. Attacks within long range.

Interestingly, being in a bat form Nightcrawlers are never seen hanging onto ceilings unlike Incubi and Succubi. Despite their feeble appearance, they can see in the dark and is very resistant to melee attacks.

Nightcrawlers drop their rifle when dying.


  • Vampires will neither notice nor attack the Reaper when they're dancing, unless they're provoked. They, however will alert any non-dancing vampires if they see the Reaper in a bright light, and once they're provoked they won't return to dance anymore.
  • Incubi can attack right from the ceiling they're hanging onto as long as the Reaper is within their firing range. If they can't, or if they're alerted but can't notice the Reaper, they will jump down first before investigating. Succubi will always jump down.
  • When jumping down the Vampires will always pause for a brief moment, which can be an advantage in attack.
  • Destroying phylacteries with melee throws will not consume the weapon used, just like destroying lamps or hanging explosives. Take cautions as phylacteries might be placed on a wide platform where the thrown weapon will get stuck on the platform as well.


  1. For more detailed entries, check their individual pages.
  2. This is measured in tiles per second, a tile being a unit of measurement used in the level editor.

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